Workshop Series with Lara Oyedele/Black on Board

Connex Leadership Networks is thrilled to present a groundbreaking series of workshops led by the esteemed Lara Oyedele, in partnership with Black on Board. Lara, an influential figure in the housing sector and the former President of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) for 2022/23, is renowned for her commitment to challenging complacency in ethnic diversity within the sector. Her presidential campaign, ‘In my shoes’, was pivotal in raising awareness about the importance of racial diversity in housing, drawing on her rich experience and challenging complacency.

26th September 2024, 10:00 - 13:00

Diversity Blueprint: Reinventing Board Composition

Embark on an insightful journey to transform board composition within the housing sector. This session delves deep into the essence of fostering a broader spectrum of perspectives, enriching both decision-making and representation at the board level. Lara will uncover and embrace contemporary approaches to board diversity, challenging traditional norms and patterns. Engaging dialogues will unfold around inclusive recruitment strategies, extending well beyond conventional methodologies. This workshop is not just about exploring diversity; it’s about integrating it with top-level leadership objectives and cultivating a deep understanding of cultural competence. Prepare to be part of a pivotal movement that shapes a more inclusive future in board leadership.

To Be Announced

Pathways to Leadership: Preparing for Your First Board Role or Executive Post

Are you aspiring to your first board role or executive position? This workshop is designed to seamlessly guide you on this journey. We focus on enhancing the leadership and personal branding skills that are already within you, sharpening them to align with the expectations and dynamics of board-level or executive roles. Delve into strategic planning, public speaking, and personal branding techniques that resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities of these high-level positions. This session is a catalyst, setting you on a confident path to achieving your leadership aspirations in the housing sector.


Lara Oyedele

Chief Executive Officer, Black on Board

Lara is passionate about reducing homelessness and promoting diversity in leadership. Originally trained as a journalist, she has almost 30 years of professional experience working in housing associations, local authorities, private sector management companies, and homelessness charities.

A former Housing Association CEO, Lara was the founding Chair, and creative force behind, BMENational, the coalition that promotes the role of ethnic minority housing associations in England. Lara is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and Henley Business School.

Lara has served on the Board of Southern Housing Group as well as the equality advisory board to the housing regulator. She is currently Chair of Hope Housing and President of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Lara runs a training company, manages an extensive buy-to-let portfolio, and is developing an affordable housing company.