#BAMEOver: Is It Time We Stopped Using the Term BAME in the Sector?

Difficult Conversations | 4th December  2020 @ 14.00  

There has been much debate in the arts sector regarding the usage of the term BAME (which hasn’t reached the affordable housing sector yet) called #BAMEover –  not wanting  to be grouped into a collective term, or reduced to acronyms. Campaigners state that  the acronym BAME, which stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic, is redundant, inaccurate and neglects the diversity, humanity and lived experience of those from ethnic minority backgrounds.   Many of the UK’s leading arts producers and leaders have long ago dropped the use of “BAME” and “BME” in their places of work. Is it time for the affordable housing sector to follow suit? 

Amanda Parker 

Editor of Arts Professional and Director of Arts Inc

Christopher Kenna

Chief Executive and Founder of Brand Advance

Mushtaq Khan

Chief Executive, Housing Diversity Network

Bieneosa Ebite MCIPR

Deputy Group Head of Communications, Centrica  

Date: Friday 4th December  2020

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Venue:  Virtual Roundtable 

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