How Love can Transform the Performance of a Leadership Team and Workforce

Organisational Change | Date: Wednesday 18TH September 2024 | 14:00PM – 16:00PM


What role does love play in leadership? “How Love Can Transform the Performance of a Leadership Team and Workforce” delves into the profound impact that emotional intelligence and compassion can have on organisational culture and employee performance. Yetunde Hofmann, renowned for her insights on leadership and love, will explore how fostering a supportive and inclusive environment enhances engagement, trust, and collaboration across all levels of an organisation. This is not merely theoretical; attendees will leave with actionable strategies that integrate love into leadership to drive substantial and positive changes within their housing organisations. This roundtable is essential for leaders aiming to elevate their teams’ performance through empathetic and transformative leadership practices.

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Yetunde HofmannFounder, Solaris Executive Leadership Development

Yetunde is an engaging speaker with a career dedicated to developing organisational capabilities by unlocking the potential of people. She advises business leaders on cultural and behavioural changes necessary for successful strategy implementation, growth, and expansion.

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Date: 18 September 2024

Time: 02:00PM – 04:00PM

Location: Central London

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