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2021 Programme

March 2021 - Time (TBC)

Rethinking the Future Leader: How Covid-19 has changed leadership

Covid-19 has meant that organisations will now operate quite differently than they did previously.  In an increasingly  difficult operating environment, leaders who thrive are those who work well in unknown conditions. Aspiring leaders will need to develop a range of leadership skills to lead effectively and morph into a leader of the future.



June 2021 - Time (TBC)

Lessons From The Top: What I Learnt In My First Year as a Chief Executive

How do you make the transition from director to CEO? There are no handbooks so what now? How would you cope in your first hundred days and make a lasting impact on your organisation. Join Connex NextGen where CEOs from various industries will  share their experiences and lessons learnt in their first year as Chief Executive.



October 2021 - Time (TBC)

Climbing the Corporate Ladder: How to get your First Board Role

Interested in getting your first board role? Attendees will  hear from a diverse panel of board directors who will share their individual journeys to the boardroom, and the challenges one is likely to face in making the transition to a board position.  As well as picking up insights and ideas, this will be a great opportunity to broaden your networks.