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Check out some of the roundtables we had in 2022.

2022 Programme

The Great Resignation’ is upon us and it begs the question: ‘What is your organisation doing to value and retain your employees?’ In this roundtable discussion, we’ll talk about this in depth – to identify what it means for you and how you can buck the trend that so many other organisations are struggling with.


Matt Cooney, Chief Executive Officer, Community Housing Group

Clare Durnin, Executive Director, Corporate Resources, Platform Housing Group

Lindsey Shorricks, VP of Human Resources, Dovetail Games


How do you make the transition from director to CEO? There are no handbooks so what now? How would you cope in your first hundred days and make a lasting impact on your organisation. Join Connex NextGen where CEOs from various industries will share their experiences and lessons learnt in their first year as Chief Executive.


Tracy Allison, Chief Executive, West Kent Housing Association

John Giesen, Former Chief Executive, B3Living, Chair of Tpas

Dorian Leatham, Former Chief Executive, Hillingdon Council

The role of a housing leader is constantly shifting, and this discussion hopes to shed some light on what it looks like in the real world, so we can empower our future leaders to take up the reins. Join us as we hear war stories from esteemed guest speakers, and we come together to learn about what it takes to lead from the front.


Sheron Carter, Chief Executive Officer, Hexagon Housing Association

Bill Flood, Chief Executive Officer, Mount Green Housing Association

Adrian Lock, Founding Director, Deeper Leaders


Date: 7th December 2023

Time: 15:00 – 17:00

Venue: Central London

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