CX GEM Leadership Network Events

Check out some of the roundtables we had in 2022.

2022 Programme

Racial and ethnic disparities have once again been front and centre in the aftermath of this pandemic. How do we work together to fight against this inequality and create a fairer society for all? Join us as we tackle this difficult topic through a candid roundtable discussion.


Tanya Carter FCIPD, Chief People Officer, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Shaun Davis,
Global Director of Compliance & Sustainability, Royal Mail

Marjorie James FCIPD, Group Director of People, YMCA St Paul’s Group


The stereotype of the ‘angry black woman’ needs to stop if we are to make any real progress towards equality. In this roundtable we’ll discuss why this is such an important issue to tackle and how we can go about creating new stories that empower our black female leaders.


Stacey Kruckel, Chief Marketing Officer, Capco

Becky Utuka, Director of Development and Sales, Gateway Housing Association

Geoffrey Williams, Global Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Dr. Martens

Being the ‘first’ or ‘only’ leader of colour on a board is daunting and comes with a very unique set of challenges. In this roundtable discussion, we’ll hear first-hand stories from leaders of colour and how they navigated those lonely positions, and what it means for those who are to follow.


Mary Mosope Adeyemi, Executive Director, Credit Risk Management, Goldman Sachs

Nusheen Hussain, Executive Director, Business Development, Home Group

Lara Oyedele, Vice President, Chartered Institute of Housing


Having a systematic and business-led approach for achieving your diversity goals is the only way to make real progress towards equality. In this roundtable discussion we’ll talk about how to create a robust, action-focused EDI strategy that links with your corporate strategy and drives towards holistic business results.


David Blower, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Stonewater

Ruth Cooke, CEO, GreenSquareAccord

Kathy Quashie, Chief Growth Officer, Capita


A shocking 61% of housing associations have no leaders from ethnic minorities and that needs to change. Join us as we discuss the current state of the problem and work to find some solutions to support and nurture the next generation of GEM CEOs.


Victor da Cunha, Chief Executive Officer, Curo Group

Chan Kataria OBE, Group Chief Executive, emh group

Lara Oyedele, President, Chartered Institute of Housing



In this roundtable discussion, we’re going to talk about reinvigorating the BLM conversation amongst white allies who have grown fatigued of the constant focus. How do we keep them engaged and aligned with the cause? Join us and let’s plot a way to do so.


Fran Hoey, Managing Consultant, 4OC

Fraser Longden, Chief Operations Officer, Wickes

Jamie Ratcliff, Executive Director of People & Partnerships, Network Homes

Alison Muir, Executive Director of Housing Services, St Mungo’s