CX GEM Leadership Network 2023 Events

Here are Connex’s GEM Network roundtables from January to July 2023.

January to July 2023

Are GEM board members face greater levels of implicit bias and discrimination in their roles, which can make it difficult for them to succeed? Could it be that GEM board members are likely to be in full-time executive roles and not, like their white counterparts.


Chyrel Brown. Chief Operating Officer, One Housing

Lara Oyedele, President, Chartered Institute of Housing (TBC)

Caroline Pillay, Senior Partner, Chair of Councils at Building Homes

Ben Laryea, Chief Executive Officer, Ekaya Housing Association

This roundtable explores what GEM leaders need from their organisations to feel fulfilled and perform at their best. It examines three broad themes – safety, visibility, and support – and discusses how companies can create a more supportive environment for your employees.


Yinka Bolaji, Executive Director, Property and Development, Wandle Housing Association (TBC)

Cordelia Johnney, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Stonewater Housing

Abhishek Kulkarni, Co-Chair of Race & Ethnicity Network, Tesco

Ninesh Muthiah, Chief Executive Officer, Home Connections

Join our roundtable discussion to hear from some of the UK’s top C-suite leaders. We’ll discuss whether GEM leadership programmes are still necessary, what changes need to be made, and how companies can better support our colleagues.


Tanya Carter, Chief People Officer, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Lubna Haq, Director, Leadership Consulting, New Street Consulting Group

Sandy Sohal, Trustee, Leadership 2025

Donna Cezair, Chief Executive Officer, Worthing Homes