Effective leaders today must be able to make decisions faster and lead change efficiently

Why Connex?

Connex is the leading and most trusted network organisation for executive leaders in the affordable housing sector 

UK Executives Networking

Our Values

Central to our approach is a real commitment to diversity and inclusion, and enabling authenticity in leaders

The New Normal

Organisations are currently going through unprecedented and unrelenting change. Leadership will have to adapt to keep up

Tunde Hinton, Founder and Managing Director

Connex’s Founder and MD has over 20 years of experience working in the affordable housing sector, and a passion for leadership development

Leadership Advisory Board

Connex’s Leadership Advisory Board is a group of top executives and thought leaders who lend their expertise to develop innovation

Roundtable of the Month

Although all our meetings are exceptional, click here to learn more about the roundtables we’re particularly excited about this month