It’s time for Connex

CX Housing Leadership Network

I created the Connex Housing Leadership Network to facilitate CEOs and executive directors working in the affordable housing sector to come together with their peers, to enable them to focus on personal and professional development. Focusing on face to face roundtables and events, this will be an opportunity for leaders to share knowledge, cross-sector insights and best practice, embrace diversity and inclusion, and critically examine problems and issues. But more important than commercial gain, the affordable housing sector is at the very core of Connex services – rather than an after thought.

As well as the Connex Housing Network, we run two other important networks: CX BAME and CX NextGen. 

CX BAME Leadership Network

Connex’s BAME Leadership Network is a much-needed multidisciplinary network for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic professionals working in the affordable housing sector. This is an exciting new opportunity for senior BAME professionals to network, learn together, offer peer support, and discuss the unique challenges we face. This network is open to both senior executives working for not for profit and also private organisations. Now more than ever this forum is required, bringing together a community of BAME senior executives in the affordable housing sector.

As a black woman who has worked for many years in this industry, this is a network that I am particularly proud of and passionate about.  

CX NextGen Leadership Network

Through the CX NextGen Leadership Network we are committed to finding the next generation of executive leaders, and offering them the opportunity to network, collaborate, and develop their leadership  skills in order to realise their full potential. Members discuss industry issues and challenges and share ideas and best practice in a supportive and encouraging space that is dedicated to their individual needs and development. 

The changes we are experiencing mean we need Connex’s new and authentic approach. Now, more than ever, it’s important for leaders to learn and grow from each other. The world is changing and evolving. Businesses are changing and evolving. The people who live in these spaces are changing and evolving too. We are in a time where innovation and creativity are key. We are also in a time where learning from other leaders will create a unique blend of ideas and inspiration. It also creates an opportunity for high-level networking.

It’s time for Connex

I’m so immensely proud and excited to have taken this massive step to set up Connex and create the sort of business I always wanted to work for. A business with all those things I hold dear at its core: the future of the affordable housing sector, genuine diversity, authentic conversations and interactions, leadership excellence, and also internally a happy and healthy company culture. If those things matter to you too, please get in touch and join us.